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Peterborough like many English cities, has a complex relationship with its surrounding landscape. The project highlights the multiple uses and evolution of a terrain, that appears to be in constant transition. The outer edges reveal the alternative experiences and histories of our cities, whose identities are usually projected from touristic, fixed and centre based perspectives. Through reflection and recollection, our landscapes can still be easily read and reveal to us the traces of our past, the issues of the present and the possibilities of the future.

It can be argued that there is an increased urgency in the current climate, to highlight these ‘uncharted’ areas, in order to consider the impact both positive and negative of town planning, housing developments, migration and increased geographic mobility on our landscape, heritage, wildlife and communities.

Peterborough born artist Marc Atkinson spent 18 months walking and documenting the surrounding edgeland landscape of the city. A series of the photographs alongside a fascinating new essay from celebrated writer Ken Worpole are presented in a new limited edition catalogue (500), available through the artist’s website and City Gallery Peterborough from the 22nd July.

The cost of the catalogue is £6.99 plus P&P



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