About the project

DSC_1938Along the Outskirts is a project by artist Marc Atkinson reflecting on the growth of the city of Peterborough and the liminal landscapes that exist along its peripheries.

The website includes articles related to the Peterborough landscape, audio recordings with local people, short films and information about up and coming events related to the project.

The project will culminate in an exhibition of new photography and video work at City Gallery in Summer 2016.

Most cities share a complex and evolving dialectic between the rural and the urban. Through the project, we will explore this dialectic and suggest the alternative notions and experiences of our cities, whose identities are usually formed from fixed centre based perspectives.

The project aims to highlight the complexity and evolution of our modern landscape by documenting and tracing the outskirts and edgDSC_1699es
of the city of Peterborough. It can be argued that there is an increased urgency in the current
climate, to explore, document and highlight these ‘uncharted’ areas as they are continually re-constructed through the effects of urban sprawl, environmental change, government policies and increased geographic

About Marc Atkinson

Originally from Peterborough. Marc Atkinson is a Norwich based artist. His work often reflects on the impact of change on people and places.

His personal moving image work has screened across the UK and internationally including at the Hockney Gallery R.C.A., Peckham Artists Moving Image, Videomedja Festival in Serbia, WNDX in Canada and the Oslo Screen Festival.


Get involved

You can get involved with the project in a few ways.


Are you an artist/writer/photographer/psychogeographer? Do you want to write an article about your favourite walk, wild or edgeland place in and around Peterborough?

Please send all submissions to marcalexatkinson@gmail.com with the heading New Writing Submission. All files should be in Word formats, for example: Word document (.doc or .docx) The best submissions will feature in a commemorative publication.


Marc Atkinson will be attending Walking for Health walks run by Vivacity on the following dates and recording stories and memories from participants across the city. Walking for Health website.